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Cubed Ice for Queenstown & Central Otago

We treat our ice as it should be treated, as a food.

Our purpose built ice making factory was designed to meet strict health regulations to insure all our ice is of the highest quality. We operate as an A grade food premise awarded to us by the Queenstown Lakes District Councils environmental health officer. Being Queenstown's largest ice distributor and manufacturer, we do daily deliveries across town to restaurants, bars and private events so please email us if you would like to place an order!


3Kg Bagged Ice

All our ice is made from local Wakatipu water which goes through 2 industrial micron filters and then through a UV filter. Our ice comes in 3kg bags which are dated and individually coded for maximum product quality control. We use high quality plastic bags which will remain rip free and are fully recyclable. If you have a bag which is ripped or broken we will replace it!

Salt Ice.png

Salt Ice

If you are wanting to keep things colder for longer - perhaps off on a fishing trip or are heading away on a road trip - then maybe salt ice is for you! Whereas regular ice melts at 0 deg C, salt ice melts at around -3deg C.


Salt ice has a lower melting temperature than regular ice and covers more surface area of the product needing to be cooled because of its snow like consistency. It gets the product cooled quicker and to a lower temperature than regular ice. We are the only supplier of salt ice in the Otago region so don’t leave home without it!


We sell salt ice in 3kg bags, or if you've got a big bin to fill - grab one of our 20kg bags!


Custom Cubes

We can cut ice cubes to any specific size - have a whiskey tumbler you need a large cube for? Or tall glasses with cocktails? Just give us the measurements and we'll cut as many as you need!
You can also get branded stamps custom made for your larger cubes to give your guests something else to marvel over.
We don't provide these but there are plenty of companies online creating these - check out Stampitude for inspiration!


Cocktail Ice

We can provide crystal clear ice cubes, custom made to any size to jazz up your favourite drinks!
These cubes are ideal for ice sphere makers - perfect crystal clear spheres which not only look impressive but will last much longer than a standard ice cube for your finest whiskeys.

If you don’t have a sphere maker you can also hand carve these from one of our cubes which is bound to wow your guests and clients.

Crushed ice can be made to order for the perfect Margherita or your coolest cocktail!

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